Frequently Asked Questions about Taking Care for a Havanese:

How much grooming?

Havanese do need more grooming than most short-haired dogs. Having said that, we admit it is not a big deal - in fact it is a thearpeutic activity that helps you grow patience and find inner piece, while creating a stronger bond between you and your dog. . 
Please use combs and brushes of good quality, it will benefit you and your dog.
Always use a grooming ot detangling spray, never brush completely dry hair since it will break excessively. You may even use a diluted conditioner for dogs.


Your havanese needs regular baths. These will keep his coat in good condition.
Once a month up to once a week - depending on locations of your walks and weather conditions.
Use a gentle dog shampoo (never use human products on your dog!) for long haired dogs, rinse, apply rich conditioner and rinse again. Dry with a blow dryer (not too hot!) while brushing gently.

What kind of walk?

Havanese are sturdy animals according to FCI standard. Your dog is most likely able to climb hills 1-2 hours in each direction if you keep her in condition. However he /she is satisfied already with two 10 minutes' walks and a potty break in between. If it is raining, she could even choose to skip these two. 

What kind of food?

Your havanese will be happy if you feed her biologically appropriate raw food (BARF). 
However if you decide to keep it simple, please use dry food of high quality (premium, ultra premium). When adult, your dog will eat twice a day around 35-40 g of dry food (60 - 100 g daily, depending on size of a dog).
We recommend grainfree dry food or at least low grain food with low GI. Good dog food contains high share of dried meat or fish. Since we are not raising chickens, food does not need to contain corn. Beet pulp is not necessarily bad ingredient, but can permamnently stain lightly colored muzzle hair.