Puppy Buyers Info

Dear visitor, we see you are considering buying one of our puppies. We are honored, however we want to make
sure you know what to expect in the process of choosing a puppy, bringing her home and raising her happily ever after. Please read this page carefully and if you have any questions or considerations, do not hesitate and contact us early.

Our puppies are from carefully chosen parents, who have been health tested and evaluated against the breed standard several times. They were chosen because of their looks, health, mutual compatibility and character because we believe the combination of their genes in their offspring may benefit the havanese breed.

Wellbeing of our puppies and their parents is of highest importance for us, our dogs are part of the family. We feed our dogs only with high quality food, we take care for the puppies already during pregnancy. The puppies and their mom are under vet control. They will be vaccinated and dewormed as required before going to new homes. And of course all of them will receive their pedigrees. 

Choosing a Puppy

Like kids, the puppies are different from each other. They have different colors, different sizes and also different characters. We want each puppy to be most compatible with his or her new family, this is why we would like to know something about your lifestyle, your expectations and your  future plans. With regard to your background we may recommend you another puppy, which would suit your lifestyle better than your chosen one.

Dori 3 months
Puppies should not leave their mum before 8 weeks of age. At 12 weeks they are psychologically much better developed and separation stress will be easier for them. 

What do You Need for the First Days?

Puppies are not very demanding. Upon arrival in your home, your new puppy will be scared and she will miss her siblings and her mommy. She will need love and attention. Do not rush her into exploring your home, there will be plenty of time for that later. Keep her close, especially at night when she may cry. Place the doggy bed beside your bed and stroke her gently if she cannot sleep. If you cannot sleep either, keep in mind that this phase will be over soon. She will soon get used to your house and your family and she won't want to leave you out of sight :)

For your new puppy, you will need
    • a small doggy bed or pillow
    • two dishes - for food and for water (inox or ceramic)
    • a few plush toys and a dental bone 
You will also receive a puppy packet with some dry food, a comb and a brush, puppy shampoo and conditioner, a toy and a blanket with scent of her mommy.

Your new puppy will need to be fed puppy food 3 times a day. When she reaches 1 year, you may switch to adult food and feed her twice a day.

What Else do you Need to Know?

Puppies are not toys. It is not ok to buy a puppy for your kid as a gift and expect your kid will take care for her. You will have to do this sooner or later yourself. Your new Havanese may live up to 18 years and taking care for her is an important commitment. You will need to
  • take her for  at least a short walk twice a day, with possible additional loo breaks in between
  • feed her regularly with good quality food 
  • clean her poo and pee when needed
  • doggy-proof your house
  • comb and brush her regularly (every day from beginning, later 2x weekly)
  • bathe and blow dry her 1 - 4 x per month
  • take her to the vets, get her vaccinated and dewormed regularly (and pay for it)
  • clip her nails and clean her ears regularly 
  • protect her from fleas and ticks
  • have her spayed / neutered  before her first birthday if you don't plan to breed
  • socialize her properly (take care she safely meets as many animals and people as possible when young)
  • attend a dog school or obedience classes with her - this is beneficial for the dog as well as the owner
  • make arrangements for the dog when you are away for a day or two
  • find somebody to take him for a walk when you work late
  • take him with you on your vacation or arrange somebody to take care for him during that time
If you still want a dog, you will get a loving companion who will adore you with his whole heart.
But if you feel these chores might be a problem, this is a good time to change your mind and buy a fish instead :)

So - are you Really Interested?